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For Immediate Release: Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Contact: Tom Zawistowski,


Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party-affiliated national We the People Convention (WTPC) organization, congratulated Ohio Trump supporters who came out and voted to elect Bernie Moreno as the Republican nominee for US Senate with 50% of the primary vote, vs 33% for Matt Dolan and 17% for Frank LaRose. Zawistowski also celebrated conservative wins in Congressional, State and local races.

Zawistowski said to the conservative voters, "You turned out and you defended President Trump and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) America First Agenda! By overwhelmingly electing Bernie Moreno as our US Senate Republican nominee, you put Sherrod Brown and his Marxist allies on notice that we will be united in November in a way that they have never seen before in Ohio. This nonsense that was being spread that Democrats were going to crossover and vote for Moreno because he was the weakest of the Republican Candidates is dead wrong. With Donald Trump and Bernie Moreno on the ticket the Democrats in Ohio are going to be in a world of hurt, not just in the Presidential and Senate races, but all the way down the ticket down to dog catcher! The Ohio Democrat/Socialist Party is now officially on the Endangered Species list in Ohio.

Zawistowski continued, "Second of all, you defeated the Ohio RINO Establishment and finally made it clear that Ohio and the Ohio Republican Party belongs to We the People! Bernie Moreno said it exactly right in this quote to Axios before the election, "It is a race between the America-first Republican Party and the broken-down RINO Establishment." In this Primary you defeated RINO's Portman and DeWine and Kasich and the party elites who have been grifting off our hard work and votes since the TEA Party started in Ohio in 2009. Moreno and Vance and Jim Jordan and Warren Davidson and Vivek Ramaswamy and others do not belong to that "country club". They have heard from the MAGA voters and they know that our Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity are in real danger because the RINO's have sold-out Ohio and our nation for their own personal gain for decades. This was further demonstrated by significant wins in Ohio House races against Democrat funded "Blue 22 Republicans" in a rejection of the RINO's pay-to-play culture in Columbus. It is past time to put Americans and America First Again and that is what tonight was all about."

Zawistowski closed by saying, "We want to thank Secretary of State Frank LaRose and his team, and all the tens of thousands of election workers who work such long hours, for running a very smooth election with only one incident in the state that was quickly addressed and did not have any effect on votes or voters. The 20% turnout, 1.6 million of 8 million registered voters, was about average for recent primary elections. Nearly 1.1 million citizens voted in the Republican primary while just over 500,000 voted in the Democrat Primary."


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